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Jens Maus

Jens Maus
Born in the south-west of Germany I am happy to be a citizen of the beautiful city of Dresden which is located in the eastern part of Germany. Here I have studied and I am currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the public research centre Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf which is attached to the Technical University of Dresden.

My research focus is on medical imaging, in particular positron emission tomography. I am interested in development of motion compensation techniques to improve the imaging of this functional imaging method. In addition, as my background is computer science I am also interested in development of graphical user interfaces and multithreaded programming in general. research ››

Apart from that I am involved in development for the never dying Amiga platform. Beside some smaller projects I am the current lead developer of the open source email client 'YAM' (Yet Another Mailer). Furthermore, I am an official AmigaOS4 developer and responsible for various components of this new incarnation of the old Amiga operating system. dev ››

Latest Publications:

    • J. Langner, F. Hofheinz, A. Lougovski, E. M. Brüning, E. Will, L. Oehme, B. Beuthien-Baumann, J. van den Hoff,
      "Locally adaptive image filtering for noise reduction in PET", Proceedings of the 49th German Conference on Nuclear Medicine (DGN 2011), Nuklearmedizin 50(2011), P29, Bregenz, April 2011. bib pdf
    • J. Langner, F. Hofheinz, B. Beuthien-Baumann, J. van den Hoff,
      "Event-driven Motion Compensation in clinical PET", Proceedings of the 41th German Conference on Medical Physics (DGMP 2010), Freiburg, October 2010. bib pdf

My WebCam To have a look at what I am doing, where I am or simply just to see me working you can have a look at my webcam.

Otherwise, if you want to know more about my background have a look at my cv. Furthermore, feel free to contact me in case you have questions or comments. ››

Enjoy your stay,
Jens Maus (Langner)

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